About Me

Namaste! I am Naresh Bharat, at present living in a physical form on planet Earth for a limited period of time. 

This site is a platform to share my thoughts with you and keep thinking and helping. 

I am a Web Developer, Instructor, Security Researcher, Blogger and Thinker. I provide freelancing services and also conduct programming workshops/offline/online live sessions (related to C, C++, Java, DS and Python). If any company, college or school is interested in our seminar/webinar then contact me via email. Alternately you can also register here for live session on programming. You can also Hire Me for your required software services. I am currently accepting WordPress and Java projects. By the way, I am also a motivational speaker.

Some times I may blog on random things which comes into my notice. Sorry, but you have to bear me :). If you have any tips, suggestions then you are most welcome to express your views. 

All the views presented in this site are of my own (unless otherwise specified) and it need not necessary for you to agree with them. By the way there is nothing good or bad. But thinking makes it so....
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If you show interest, everything in the universe will reveal its mystery.

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